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Things to consider while choosing a right Builder

Choosing the right builder is equally important as choosing an architect. It is essential to choose a builder to whom you can trust. Choose wisely. They are making something for you that is going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and if they get it wrong it can directly affect your wallet, your health and your safety.
Certain points to consider are:

  • Consult with more than one builder to tender for the job so you get aware of the costs being presented are fair and realistic.
  • Don’t always go for the cheapest simply because it is the lowest. Get the higher bidders and justify their prices, find out what is that which have been missed by the lower bidders. Make sure they are quoting on the same things. Most of the builders often quote low with the intention of clawing back revenue on variations and changes to plans during the build.
  • Visit the sites on which the working is going on whereas the jobs each builder has done and speak with their clients. Go here for reviews of builders.
  • Verify whether the builder is licensed or not and adequately insured.
  • Have the complete knowledge of builders industry involvement, is the builder a member of the local Home Builder’s Association?
  • Look for some points whether the past homes done by this builder maintained or increased value or have a Resale Value.
  • Consult with friends and family member and see to whom they recommend. Compare your selected builders site with the one your friends and family suggested and then take the decision.

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